What Is A Sunroom And How Can You Incorporate It In Your Home

Sunrooms are a trending addition in homes that help increase their value and bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors by creating a bright and relaxing space. They are distinct rooms from the rest of the house with floor to ceiling windows and are cheap to build and you can totally DIY your own sunroom if you have the space! You can enjoy a relaxing day with your family or by yourself in a sunroom with the luxury of being outdoors but without the heat and the mosquitos! Since they are considered a luxury addition to the home, they bring greater value to your home and add a hint of luxury to it. They can be used for many purposes like an additional guest room, an outdoor fireplace, a hangout spot, outdoor office etc which makes them a perfect investment!

Here are some ways you can use and decorate your sunroom without breaking bank:

Outdoor Dining Room:

Surrounded by nature both outdoors and inside the sunroom, you can use it as a dining room and be known as a creative entertainer! All that natural light from all the angles definitely makes it a relaxing space to eat and entertain guests and can become a second living room! 

Relaxing Nook:

If you have a small sunroom, you can decorate it with a bean bag, or comfy chairs, a rug and some plants and create a perfect comfy spot to hang out with friends. You can use bamboo furniture and vintage accessories easily available at garage sales and flea markets and work your DIY magic on it and create a quaint and adorable space. 

Temporary Outside Office:

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, you can shift your office to the sunroom to enjoy a nice view while working and shake off the indoor blues. You can also use it as a permanent office if you’re a year round remote worker. Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection, a proper seating space and you’re good to go! 

Outdoor Play Place:

Are your kids getting tired of being locked up inside all the time? You can create a mini playroom for the kids in the sun room. Keep an activity board, some board games, and their preferred play toys in the play place and give them a refreshing place to pass time. It can also be used for spending some family time together playing board games or just relaxing watching the kids play. 

Mini Library:

A small sunroom is a perfect reading nook because of all the natural light and relaxing vibe. You can keep a few books on a shelf and place a comfortable couch in the room to create the ultimate relaxing spot. It’s a refreshing alternative to a closet nook and can be used for more than just reading! 

Green House:

A greenhouse with some seating space, perhaps a breakfast table and a hammock is the dream space you never thought you needed! You can keep your favorite plants in the sunroom and create a low maintenance green room with a comfy spot to hang out in. Take our word for it, you’ll never want to leave the place!

You can keep changing the decor of your sunroom to match the season and create a unique experience in your home. They can be both heated and cooled to be used in every weather and the windows are designed to reduce the thermal transfer to reduce overheating in the summers and the window installment is something that you should probably leave to the professionals. Other than that, you can create a three season or four season sunroom depending on the available space and how much you’re willing to spend it. 

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