Top 4 Living Walls Ideas

Home renovations are one of the most fun and creative ways to display parts of your personality. Some of us like to go for paintings, others prefer clean walls or decorations. If you’re someone who is tired of the usual and looking to add some freshness to your house walls, one up & coming concept is called a living wall.

A living wall is a wall that is covered with plants. It could be small planters, could be a painting made out of the grass, or a few plants assembled together mounted on the wall. Not only is it beautiful but it also helps keep the room fresh and purify the air. Sounds interesting let’s dive in:

1. Kitchen-living Walls

If you are among those lucky people who have natural light coming inside their kitchen with huge windows, consider mounting a small living wall on your kitchen wall.  It’s a small plank with fresh plants. You could also order some potted plants to go with your wall backdrop and place it on the top of your fridge or on your island. While shopping, we recommend plants that require similar care and can be placed throughout the kitchen. For starters, philodendron or pothos are great options and easy to care for as well.

2. Wall-Mounted Plants

 Plant lovers like to bring in the greenery & freshness they love to everywhere they go. For example, you might also want to mount a planter on your office wall as well. Luckily there are options available in the market such as air plant tillandsia arranged beautifully for an office look. While several small plants are available for nearly every living room or any other room in your house. If you want to go on a full-plant galore, not caring about the structure. You can put together several pieces such as a wall mounting,  a basket full of plants, an on the table, and one hanging from above your cupboard. Make sure to consider the space and ensure that they have enough room to grow and are easy to redo yourself.

3. Plant Painting And Pocket Plants

Recently displayed painting style living wall by lacada moss online is a real work of art. It is made out of a mixture of moss plants and other greenery. A wall hanging or painting-style plants can be grown together and are an eye-catching addition to the list. While thinking about the container, wood, cork, metal and other materials can also be easily converted. Make sure that it matches the decor of the rest of the room as well as the color of the wall. Pocket plants can be a cheaper variant of plant paintings. It’s a small pocket made out of fabric hanging on the wall, the ones typically used for keys, etc. Ivy, air plants, or pothos can be great options to grow. The many pockets give you an option to mix, match and grow several of them together.

4. Pegboard

Pegboards are typically used to refine the motor skills of your toddler but in this case, they can be used to hang your small planters. Pegboards are almost available in every hardware store and can be cut to any size you want to fit them. We recommend mounting them on your door sides especially on the entrance. It will give a welcoming feel to any entrance. They are also a great source to display an eco-friendly demeanor outside your office entrance. 

Living plants come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of them to your liking and budget. There is no limitation of natural light and space because for every light and space there is a planter out there waiting to be adopted by you. Let us know how you have been incorporating plants into your space to uplift the mood and overall greenery. 

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