The Best Indoor Plants; A Quick Guide

What’s not to love about indoor plants? From the freshness they bring to your eyes and the colors they add to your room Indoor plants are the best addition in any space! But what actually sucks about having indoor plants is that they just keep dying. I think I killed a good number of plants before I finally got the hang of it. Indoor plants are really delicate and would only perpetuate in a very specified environment. So, it’s very important that before you bring one of these little guys home you do your research. 

We’ll tell you our top picks for beginners, these plants are easy to care for and would still add the breath of fresh air to your room that’s missing! 

  1. Snake Plant 

As a beginner this is the best choice! It’s almost impossible to kill the snake plant, even if you leave it for a month it’ll survive. All you need to do is find a good light-spot but not in direct sunlight since the leaves tend to lose their color and pigment in direct sunlight. Other than that water it once a week, make sure to check that the soil is dry or else you don’t have to. This low maintenance plant with its tall, stiff and fleshy leaves with a mild grey-yellow variation is good for any room in your house. Fun fact; in south African and Asian regions people also refer to the plant as “Mother-in-Laws” Tongue due its pointed tips of the leaves symbolizing the former’s sharp tongue. 

  • Aloe Vera 

The rescuer plant, Aloe Vera, always ready for our first aid is a lovely addition to a new plant lover’s home. It’s literally evergreen, if there was one plant that always survived my careless behavior was this one! There are many varieties of Aloe, for indoors we’d suggest choosing smaller ones as they’ll fit in anywhere. Give Aloe Vera a spot where the sunlight is not too harsh, keep the soil a little damp and try to water as less as possible in winters, and you’re done! I really love how neat and orderly this plant looks so putting it in your drawing or a formal seating area on the table will always look very nice.

  • Monstera Deliciosa

One of the most popular indoor plants and for all the right reasons! Beautiful leaves with distinctive holes that look like someone curated the leaves with hands and their easy care routine have made them a popular plant among enthusiasts. They do prefer a warm climate but still away from direct sunlight and water only once a week. Occasionally cleaning their leaves with a soft damp cloth will maintain their beautiful leaves. They also like to climb so providing them with some kind of stake would be a good option. Oh, and the best part about this plant is that you can cut off the top, as long as it has air roots attached and replant it! This means that with one monstera you can populate your whole house! 

  • Succulents 

These are the perfect bedside plants. They’re so cute and small it’s hard not to want them if you see them at the nursery. Some popular succulents like Living Stones or Lithops only grow a few centimeters above the soil occupying no space. So you could put them anywhere you want but make sure that it’s getting enough sunlight and water. This plant is a little difficult to handle but a good amount of sunlight without letting the plant get sunburned will ensure its longevity. Succulents really aren’t big fans of water so make sure that the plant is completely dry before you water it. 

  • Cactus 

Their spiked, tall and rugged texture is a very distinct feature and one that makes them very collectable. A lot of different varieties of cactus are available in the market but our personal favorite is the Bunny eared Opuntia which produces prickly pads. Even the moon cactus is such a cute edition to your house, with its colorful round tops it’ll look very good in kitchens and bathrooms of neutral shades. When it comes to their maintenance they aren’t very troublesome. Due to their desert origins they don’t need a lot of water and obviously stay the happiest in sunny spots. 

If you’ve just started taking interest in indoor plants these are the best options for you! Out of all the delicate indoor plants they may be able to sustain the most maltreatment but with a little care and attention these plants can add the perfect modern touch with colors to your home!

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