Here’s Why Your Home Design Matters

People have different ways of leading their lives but at the most basic level there are a few things that everybody agrees on and they are a must. On some level, everybody believes in having a good home design, something that is aesthetic to look at but also serves the purpose of functionality according to you.

But every once in a while there comes a person or you could be that person too who asks us the question of why home design is actually needed, I am comfortable in my mess and why do i need order. Here are a few reasons that they might convince you are the person right across from you to straighten up their home and design it right

1. Design Is Comfort

The simplest explanation is that when everything is in the order it’s homely. It’s easier to look for your t-shirt or your eyelash curler when they have a specific place in your home but if they’re stuffed under your pile of laundry or scattered around your table, it takes much more time to find them. If you feel like an adventure, let a bunch of 5-year-olds run your home for an hour and you will need no further explanation on why a design makes your home comfortable for you. After the 5-year-old has run to your home for an hour it will take you five hours to find where your actual bed used to be not only this but living in a well-organized home has mental benefits as well and you could use the extra time safe from looking for things to do something more productive. Not only is it physically easy but it has mental benefits too. You can also spend the extra time saved from looking for things into something more productive.

2. Colors Regulate Moods

Creating a visual harmony using your furniture color and designs is the best way to uplift your mood. You don’t have autonomy over your entire house, we will recommend decorating at least one room according to your choice. Decorating according to your favorite bright shades in contrast with some dull pastels can really uplift a person’s mood and positive thinking. If you don’t believe us yet, try decorating at least one room in your apartment or just your room if you live with your parents. We kid you not when we say you will feel the different physical spaces have on us. They have a lot of influence on our mental health as well as our moods and productivity. If not the whole room, start by adding at least two to three personal decor items to your current space and watch yourself transform every time you look at it.

3. Your Home Is A Reflection Of You

Unless you are a weird, homeless person, or Santa Claus, it is common to have guests over at your place every now and then. Not only a well-designed home uplift your comfort and mood but also makes your guests feel at home in new surroundings. A neatly done home can help you move forward in both personal and professional life. How would you feel if your boss or your date ran away after taking a look at your home, I reckon not nice, huh? Spiritually speaking, your home is a reflection of your inner state. If it’s messy, you really need to sit and think about why it is the way it is. Chances are it’s more than just “ I am comfortable this way”

4. Correct Design Caters To Your Needs

A properly designed home is exactly according to the priorities of the person/s living in it. E.g. a single person who works from home would need their home office and everything work-related in one place. A newly wedded couple would need a private space with lots of romantic and comfortable things around as opposed to a businessman’s family of 4. The house is always designed according to the requirements and needs of its residents, whether it’s small children or grown-up adults. 

By now it’s pretty clear why a home design is important and what comfort it brings in. It’s a great idea to consider in case you are moving into a new place or looking for more organization in your life in general. As the famous Jordan Peterson says, start with your room. Let us know what other design ideas arguments have you used to convince your messy friends for cleaning. 

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