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Among the most expensive resources around the world, land and houses are one. In that context, it is extremely essential to that the land you want to build your home on is worth it.

You and your family are willing to put so much time, efforts and investment therefore,

the home you make should have good worth and be strong enough to handle any situation.

We offer you expert to help you build a house which will be worth all your efforts.

We also help our client with the loan and mortgage problems.

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We understand the importance building a house, there are numerous efforts and investment which are needed to build a home.

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  • This place will provide you with numerous memories therefore, you wish it to be in its best condition to provide you with only good memories.

  • To ensure this our experts are available at your service throughout the process of buying land to building a house.

  • For every minute detail our experts will provide detailed assistance to help you get the best of land and house.

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How to make a house for your wife

When buying a house, two spouses must think about the header of the property and the consequences of this choice. It is always necessary to carefully weigh every aspect and decide whether to register the house for both or only for a spouse. However, the choice is not irreversible, since even if the house is registered to only one, you can still make a donation (of half or all the property) to the other spouse, or to the children for example.

How to make a home for your wife or children? To make a well-considered decision, therefore, it is good to know the legislation first, and then draw conclusions in the common interest of the family. Let’s see how, in the Italian legal system, the succession of goods works.

Given that:

a) If the house belonged to the husband before the wedding, he can dispose of it (sell or give it) but his wife and children can try to prevent it.

b) If husband and wife are in separation of property and the house was purchased after the marriage, it is as in point a.

c) If husband and wife are in a legal partnership, the house already belongs to the wife for 50%, even if it is registered only to the husband. Even in the event of the sale or donation of the property in life, the consent of the wife is required.

In the absence of a will, in the event of the death of the father, the house and property are divided in this way:

1. If there are children and spouse: if there is only one spouse and one son, half goes to the son and half goes to the spouse. If there are multiple children, two thirds go to them (they will divide equally) and one third to the spouse.

2. If there are only children: they are entitled to 100% of the inheritance, to be divided among them in equal parts.

3. If there is only the spouse: he has the right to all the inheritance.

For hereditary purposes, it is indifferent that there was a communion or separation of property, the above rules apply.

How to check if a mortgage is burdened on a property

Finding out that our house is mortgaged and no one had warned us of this, it is possible … in Italy! The well-known collection company Equitalia, can in fact mortgage a property even without the notification of the payment notice (concept reiterated on March 21, 2013 by the Court of Cassation). Therefore, the taxpayer, unable to claim to be notified by Equitalia, how can he protect his right to information? Fortunately, it is always possible to check whether there is a mortgage on your home: it is therefore the citizen himself who must take action to check, from time to time, if a mortgage has been registered on his home.

Check that mortgages are not burdened on a house, it is a measure to keep also in case you decide to buy a house, in order not to have bad surprises in the future.

To check whether a property is mortgaged, it must request a certificate called specifically “hypocatastal business profile” (or mortgage). This is a research activity that allows you to check whether the taxpayer is the owner of real estate on which mortgages of various types are registered:

  • voluntary (and in this case not even a title search would be needed since the taxpayer already knows that he has registered a property with a mortgage);
  • legal (such as those of Equitalia);
  • judicial mortgages, that is those decreed by a judge and registered due to sentences, injunctive orders;
  • for citations in a civil case (for example to contest ownership of a house).

The title search should be requested from the Real Estate Registry at the offices of the Land Agency (also called “real estate advertising”), of the place where the property is located. For newly built properties, the search can also be requested in a place other than the Municipality of competence, since the archives are computerized. The search can be requested personally, by going to the office counter, or by delegating the assignment to a real estate agency, providing in both cases the details of the property (parcel, sheet, etc.), indicated in the deed of ownership. On the internet it is also possible to find various sites that allow you to obtain a hypocatastale survey online, for a fee (usually the cost does not exceed 30 euros).

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