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Between 12/20/2018 and 03/31/2019, make a minimum deposit of $20 and get a bonus of 100 WWC tokens!

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Each operator is faced with the problem to gamify their resource. The struggle for new players and the retention of current - the main goal of each operator. Our solution will be interesting both for the Gambling Operator and for the Player!

A decentralized cryptocurrency created on own Blockchain, so you get instant transactions, minimal transaction costs and complete anonymity of payments.

The WinEX trading platform will allow you to easily and quickly buy and sell WinWin tokens for cryptocurrency within the system.

  • Absolutely fair and transparent (RNG on own Blockchain)
  • Driver of marketing for gambling operators
  • Token is participating in Jackpot until it wins
  • Immediate exchange of WWC to cryptocurrency
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Get ready to break the


The RNG of our Jackpot will use blockchain technology, which will exclude the possibility of fraud or falsification of the results of the draws.


Due to the constantly replenished pool of the Jackpot, it will be drawn on a regular basis.


Due to the tournament principle of the prize pool distribution, the number of lucky ones who got into the payout zone is much greater than with the classical scheme of the draw.


All holders of WWC tokens can endlessly participate in the Jackpot draws, which makes it almost WIN-WIN, without limiting you in the number of attempts.

For whom it is interesting

Our offer creates benefits for all market participants
  • Participation in Jackpot
  • Highly liquid investments
  • Unique Token Sale Format
  • Exchange of tokens within the system
  • Participation in Jackpot. WinWin Coin represents three types of jackpots where both operators and all holders of tokens can participate. Black Jackpot draw will be held every week. The number of prizes is 1000. The Red Jackpot will be drawn every month. The number of prizes is also 1000. Both jackpots are available for all WinWin Coin holders, and the main difference between them is the prize pool. For Black Jackpot, it is 80 million in WWC, and 90% of ICO in Ethereum for Red Jackpot.
  • Highly liquid investments. The online gambling sector is growing over the years which means that effective solutions, one of which is WinWin Coin, will be in the trend of a growing market.
  • Token Sale unique format. Due to the unique format, WinWin Coin owners can earn more at the preliminary stages of sales not waiting for the listing of coins on the stock exchange!
  • Exchange of tokens within the system. Winex own trading platform will allow you to change WinWin Coin to any available cryptocurrency quickly and with minimal commissions.
  • Participation in Jackpot
  • Fast and secure payments
  • No In/Out limits
  • No regional restrictions
  • Participation in Jackpot. As noted earlier, players who have our coins participate automatically in a win-win jackpot.
  • Safe and fast payments. With WinWin Coin, you can deposit and withdraw funds from casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms quickly and safely. You shouldn't wait anymore for cash games, wagers and verification!
  • No deposit/withdrawal limits. Our currency allows you to deposit and withdraw coins without any restrictions!
  • No regional restrictions. Forget about lists of prohibited countries or other restrictions! WinWin Coin provides players with complete anonymity which opens previously inaccessible horizons.
  • Participation in Jackpot
  • Attracting new players and increasing their LTV
  • No fraud
  • Low transaction costs
  • Participation in Jackpot. Along with investors and players, we also took care of the operators. Especially for them, we have prepared the White Jackpot which is limited to the first hundred participants. At the same time, 10% of the funds collected at the ICO will go to the jackpot fund, and 25% of the participants will get payouts.
  • Attracting new players and increasing their LTV. Due to the wide distribution of the coin, as well as the advantages that it gives to players, attracting new customers will be much easier and less costly.
  • No fraud. Thanks to the blockchain technology, conditions for fraud at all levels will be significantly reduced in comparison with traditional operating methods.
  • Low transaction costs. There will be no transaction commission, verifications and bureaucratic red tape with classic payment systems anymore! WinWin Coin will save you from this, expand the geography of opportunities and allow you to save significant money on commissions to payment providers.

New ICO format

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Token information

Token: WWC
Blockchain platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Token emission: 200 000 000

Token distribution

  • Jackpot: 40%
  • Token Sale: 30%
  • Gamblers: 13%
  • Team: 7.5%
  • Airdrop/Bounty: 7%
  • Advisors: 2.5%


  • Date: 01.04.2019 – 31.05.2019
  • Token price: $0.50
  • Number of tokens: 20 000 000
  • Bonus: 50%

Token Sale part 1

  • Date: 15.06.2019 – 30.07.2019
  • Token price: $0.75
  • Number of tokens: 20 000 000
  • Bonus: 25%
  • Jackpot: 40%

Token Sale part 2

  • Date: 15.08.2019 – 15.09.2019
  • Token price: $1
  • Number of tokens: 20 000 000
Use of funds

The difference between our project and competitors is that the main part of the raised funds will go to the jackpot fund, which will be drawn among investors and project partners.

Road Map

Our partners


Igor Matvienko CEO
Alex Sibov СОО
Viktor Raff СТО
Alex Emelyanov Head of Blockchain
DC Digital Technical

Our Advisers

Giovanni Casagrande ICO Adviser
Anthony Johnson ICO Adviser
Boris Otonicar ICO Adviser
Marco Barchetti ICO Adviser
Ekaterina Naimushina ICO Adviser
Deepanshu Bhatt ICO Adviser
ICO Adviser

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