9 Ways To Waterproof Your Kitchen

Weird things happen in the kitchen. Just a single spot of wet surface in the kitchen can make you lose your favourite dish and suffer a lifetime consequential accident through tripping. A slow leak ruins the inner foundation of any house. They are also the reasons for your skyrocketing utility bills. Through waterproofing every part of your kitchen, you will not only be able to control water leakages but also create a room for easier cleaning. Waterproofed kitchens are also under control of moisture and mildew.

Here are some simple tasks you can do to keep your beautiful kitchen waterproofed.

1. Waterproofing The Counter-tops

Cracked countertops allow for seeping of water inside thereby causing accumulation of water under them. Such waters when dirty can lead to unwanted scent in the kitchen. First, sand the outdated tops to create ideal surfaces that can easily hold premier paint. After that, apply a good coat of paint to cover up the cracks in the wood and linoleum. You will then apply polyurethane for prevention of leaks and spill.

2. Often Check And Replace Your Pipes

There exist many pipes under the sink that are normally not checked. It usually comes to the attention of many people that a pipe has broken upon an explosion. Meaning, if you rarely check on your kitchen pipes, they can leak slowly for as long as a month without you knowing.

Even if you are residing in a rental house, there is dire need to often check on these pipes and replace any that is broken.

3. Waterproof Under The Sink Cabinets

Devoid of how well the cabinets are maintained, water always ends up inside them. Such water if not wiped out can cause rotting of the wood or growth of mould on them. The only way to protect your cabinets from accumulating water is through waterproofing using polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane is the most preferred. 

4. Waterproofing The Floors

Just like countertops, if not refinished with polyurethane, water will always seep deep into the cracks of your wooden floor hence ruining the overall kitchen outlook. You may need to change the older woods and replace them with waterproof ones or apply vinyl products where wetness is a problem.

5. Caulk Everything

Sometimes, almost every part of the kitchen can be rendered vulnerable to cracks due to several factors. This may also include the bathrooms and even on the roof. Caulking everything is the only sure way of ensuring these surfaces are always waterproof. Liquid polyurethane is always useful when it comes to caulking everything including the walls and other vertical surfaces in the kitchen.

6. Waterproofing Under The Kitchen Sink

You can waterproof under the kitchen sink with a stick on tile and caulk. However, you will realise that this sometimes is a bit too tedious to do. There are a number of sink mats which prevent mildew and growth of mould that can ruin the outlook of your sink.

7. Check On The Backsplash

Closely check on the space where the wall and the countertops meet. If you notice that there is a crack, more so in the sink backsplash, you will need to apply another bead of sealant.

If this process is not undertaken, water will always get into the cracks and to the countertops. The water can also seep into the wall.

8. Adopt Composite Worktops

Commonly known as quartz worktops, composite worktops are made from 90% quartz mixed with small percentages of binders. These worktops are virtually non-porous and waterproof. Apart from that, the tops are easy to clean and offer the touchy looks ideal for any meal preparation. They can be used almost everywhere, including around the sink and beside hobs.

9. Use Water-resistant Plywood

The last option in keeping your kitchen waterproof is through replacing the old wooden parts of the working tops and cabinet with good quality boiling water resistant plywood. Apart from being moisture resistant, the plywood is also resistant to frequent water splashes, a common occurrence in the kitchen.

A waterproofed kitchen is all you need to take your kitchen life to another level. With a waterproofed kitchen, you are always guaranteed of fine touch, no moisture, no pest and ideal for meal preparation.

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