6 Tips To Keep Your Bedding Fresh and New Forever

Bed Linens have become a little overly-priced with time and for all the right reasons. Having used low quality and averagely priced sheets and expensive cotton high thread count sheets I can personally vouch for the expensive sheets. The whole bed in a bag concept is a little expensive for a lot of us and especially those with high quality sheets and fillings but investing in something that is going to last longer is always the wiser choice! 

Moreover, taking care of your bedding and making it last longer means that you will be saving yourself some cash and the environment a lot of hazard. 

So, here are some tips and tricks for you to make sure that your bedding always feel fresh and new!

  1. Always Buy The Best Sheets 

I know how tempting it can be to have 3 new sheets for just $60 but the $140 Egyptian Cotton Thread Bedsheet you just saw is worth buying. It’s a lifelong principle that we should be focused on quality and not quantity and it is just as true with bedsheets. The 3 new ones may look nice at first but after the second or third wash it will become rough and dull and you would be looking to buy more. So invest in a good quality sheet! Some factors you should look at while picking out a sheet are: 

  • Thread Count 
  • Type of Cotton and its Quality 
  • The Type of Weave Used

Don’t forget to read the fine print to find out the real quality. 

  1. Don’t Wash Your Sheets Too Much 

We’ll get to washing your sheets the right way later because first we have to tell you that washing your sheets too much is not good for them! Over washing can wear them out easily and break the thread easily making your bed sheet look dull and old. The harsh chemicals used in detergents these days are damaging to the fibers and make them very soft. These soft fibers under immense pressure and after being washed with extra hot water are even more susceptible to breakage which means you just reduced their life. And please never use bleach! 

  1. Use Covers

White Duvets look absolutely ravishing in any room but you can’t leave them uncovered for a long time. Firstly, white tends to become dirty very quickly and secondly covers save them from not just the dust but the frequent wear and tear. They keep it clean and reduce the number of times you need to wash them thus reducing the washing frequency and increasing their life. Try to wash your duvet or comforter only 3-4 times a year and frequently wash the cover. Similarly cover your pillows with cases as well before putting on the match pillow cover on them. Wash them occasionally as well and if the washing machine at home is small for your duvet or pillows take them to a professional laundry. 

  1. Hang Dry Your Bedding 

A common mistake that many people make is putting their bedsheets in the dryer. The extra heat and rigorous moving wears out the threads in the bedsheets and ruins the filling in your pillows and comforters so we strongly recommend that your air dry them. This will keep your bedding fresh and aired as well preventing it from a lot of germs and bacteria while making it smell fresh as well. The shrinkage and piling is not good for any bedding so save your bedding even if you need to spend a little extra time hanging them and then taking them off.

  1. Wash Your Bedding Regularly 

While washing your bedding too much is not recommended. Not washing them at all is not recommended either. You need to wash them enough to make sure they are clean and fresh while not damaging the fabric. However, there are some things  you need to keep in mind before you wash your sheets again. First of all wash your bedding separately from all the other laundry, try using cold water and a more eco-friendly detergent which will have less toxins and harsh chemicals and use a mild fabric softener. Many fabric softeners make your sheets less absorbent making cleaning useless so pick your softener wisely as well!

  1. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Mattresses 

About every three months remove all the bedding and take your mattress out in the garage. Allow it to soak in the sun a little and enjoy the air then bring out your supplies. Pour some lukewarm water on the mattress and use a soft bristle brush to rub it in and deeply cleanse the mattress once you’ve done that. Let it dry a bit and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any dirt and gunk. And you’re good to go!  

For an added effect drop in essential oil on your mattress and pillows once a week to keep them smelling as good as they can!

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