6 Common Home-Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Most people tend to jump into home-renovation, considering it’ll be exciting to do as they will explore their imagination and then see it happen in front of their eyes in a snap of a finger but the truth is, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Along the way, people end up making a lot of mistakes that cost them money and time and they realize this once it’s all gone to the bin. 

Here are some common slipups people make while renovating their houses which you need to avoid in every case necessary.

Unrealistic Budget

The problem which leads most of the renovations down the drain is setting an impractical budget. It is recommended to add an extra 20% to your budget and set up a contingency fund for the unexpected dilemmas you are really likely to face during the project. By setting up an unrealistic budget, you will realize half-way through the plan that you’re going overboard with the budget threshold. Then you’ll have to compromise with cheap products which will hamper everything you wished to execute. So, it is better if you ask your contractor to break-down all the expenditures that will go into the renovation, helping you plan according to that.

Hiring A Below-par Contractor 

The contractor is the person that is going to exact the look of your home, the way you wanted it to be, so be really sure about hiring the right person. Be cautious of the one who’s cheap and available straight away. Don’t hire a discounted professional about whom you have a gut-feeling is going to mess everything up.  Look for references and ask for their previous work. Don’t shy away from asking questions because it’s your job to make them understand your vision and it’s their job to understand your vision in executing a well-renovated house.

Rushing Into The Process

It’s tough to hit the brakes when you embark on such a journey but better safe than sorry. The thing that matters, in this case, is the end-product so if you want your future-self to have no regrets, take your time. Take precise measurements, assess your property, do market research, and even have some contractors take a look at the property and assess their considerations. Try to understand every ins and outs of your home and be patient.

Buying Your Own Materials

Firstly, avoid buying your own materials. Let your contractor do that for you as he’s more likely to get better prices and he knows what he is buying. But if you want to go out there and buy your material yourself. Be really thorough and examine stuff which is going to be really tough for you as you don’t have experience with most of the materials because you’ve never worked with them before. So, you’ll end up buying poor-quality stuff which will cost your project a lot in the latter days. So, just let your contractor do the buying and examine the receipts while paying them.

Small Door-ways

While renovating their houses, people focus their attention on their bathroom, kitchen, and lounge. They tend to desert their door-ways which gives off the first impression when a person visits your place. Be exact while measuring door-ways and hall-ways so they aren’t congested and are wide enough to pass furniture and appliances.

Ranking Design Over Function

Well, designing is really fun, you get to experiment with every portion of your house but it shouldn’t always be your priority because alongside aesthetics, you need functionality in your house too. When the enthusiasm of the renovation fades-away, you will want your house to have the exact same amount of efficiency as its attractive design. Think about how you will actually live in the house with the available space. Be really vigilant about the wiring or plumbing which could be a cause of safety concern later-on when the renovation is over. So, have professionals look that over, so you’re safe to proceed.

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