5 Features To Focus On For Having A Modern Living Room

A modern living room is an ideal place to completely relax after a busy working day. Calm tones, minimal furniture, clean draperies, and soft hues can create a harmonious vibe. A modern living room with minimal and sharp features can be a source of style and peace for you.

It has lots of clean open spaces, minimal designer curtains, beautiful hanging lights, and the use of neutral colors such as white, gray, and black. The minimalist style of both the furnishings and the floors contributes to the relaxing environment.

If you want to fully extend the modern atmosphere, you can also opt for a minimalist interior. Here you will find ideas for living room design!

1. Layout Of A Modern Living Room

Openness and spaciousness are two important features of a modern interior. The living room, kitchen area, and dining room are combined into one enormous room. A close connection to the outside adds to the feeling of openness. Large windows and skylights flood the room with natural light and offer a stunning view of the garden or patio. To reinforce all this, people often opt for a floor that continues both inside and outside. This brings your interior together, resulting in a tranquil setting in which you may unwind. It gives a soothing effect on your environment.

2. Window Decoration Of Modern Living Room

In a modern interior, you can choose different types of window decoration. Different types of windows are available for usage in our homes. It’s possible that the designer chose the ones we have presently, or it might be a personal preference. They come in a variety of sizes, forms, and uses, but one thing is certain: they make walls more tolerable. If you like the warm look of curtains, it is best to choose natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. These not only have a contemporary look but also ensure that you can perfectly regulate the incidence of light and the view of your garden.

3. Floors Of Modern Living Room

There are many options for a floor in a modern interior. Opt for smooth, neutral, spacious, and timeless. To contribute to the openness of a modern living room, let the floor continue in the dining room, kitchen, hallway, etc. Concrete floors are extremely popular in contemporary homes thanks to their robust and seamless character. Sometimes joints are also ground in concrete floors so that it looks like you have laid gigantic tiles. In a modern interior, cast floors are often opted for. Thanks to the extensive color palette, you can fully adapt a cast floor to your personal taste. Other options include large ceramic tiles or parquet that contrasts nicely with the sleek furniture or in combination with a cast floor.

4. Walls In A Modern Living Room

It is something that is often overlooked, but also with the wall finish you can give a modern feeling to your living room. It’s better to go with a neutral hue like white or grey for the main color. You can always choose an accent wall to integrate some color in the living room. Aside from painting, there are a variety of additional alternatives. Finishing your walls or ceiling with untreated concrete instantly creates a modern atmosphere. Nowadays a trend of wallpapers also looks so appealing. With the addition of beautiful wallpapers, the living room give a refreshing feel.

5. Decoration Pieces Of Modern Living Room

In a modern interior, you can experiment with designing furniture and design objects. Please note: it is best not to use unnecessary decorative decorations in a modern living room. If you still want to integrate accessories, it is best to choose objects made of glass, plastic, or wood.


Built-in wardrobes are the furniture of choice for a modern interior. If you also want to place cabinets in your living room for extra storage space, it is best to choose wall-to-wall cabinets. In this way, the clean lines of the modern living room are not interrupted. A black built-in cupboard provides an extra powerful touch in the living room.


To continue the sleek shapes and simple lines, it is best to choose custom furniture. You can have both your coffee table and your TV furniture made to measure so that they fit perfectly into your interior and contribute to the modern decor. The photo above is a good example of a modern interior where the white, sleek furniture contrasts with the warm parquet.

Library Shelf

If you want to turn your personal library into an eye-catcher, you can opt for a custom-made bookcase. For this purpose, you have to choose a material that works well with a modern setting. The photo above shows a nice example of a bookcase in thin, white steel.

Bottom Line

Choose wisely about your living room features since it is the place where you will spend most of the time. It is a place that heals your tiredness, connects the whole family, and reflects your mood with its aesthetic atmosphere. Hence, the living room should be tastefully designed.

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