3 Common Spatial Mistakes Done While Designing A Kitchen

Kitchens are the favorite spaces to design because it is the room in your home that gets the most use. It is the heart of the home and for a good reason it is a place to get together and socialize, a place where you come to cook your heart out for your friends and family. Designing your dream kitchen can be one of the most rewarding tasks that you undertake in a home remodel project but since the kitchen is filled with so many design decisions, we know that this task can be really daunting to those who are unprepared. In order to save time, money, energy and to get the most out of your dream kitchen try to avoid making these space-planning mistakes. Here is a comprehensive detail that covers everything that needs to be considered when designing kitchens.

Space Planning and Clearance Issues

One of the most common design mistakes made in the kitchen is clearance issues that have to deal with doorways and walkways. Doors have to be wide and swinging doors should not interfere with appliances, cabinets, other doors or walkways. Hang doors so they swing out rather than in, especially in small spaces for correct clearance. Consider a work triangle to improve the functionality of the kitchen.

Lack Of Countertop Space

The next design mistake that we can see common is lack of countertop space. Experts recommend at least 150 inches of usable countertop space and the lower cabinets that are at least 24 inches deep. The countertop space also includes islands. For kitchen layout with island appliances, make sure you at least have nine inches on both sides of the burner. Massive islands definitely increase your preparation area but they take a lot of room. In case if you insist on an island and you have a tiny kitchen where you do not have much space, do not make the mistake of trying to squeeze in an island in the middle of your kitchen. Make sure you have at least 36 inches around the island for passage. You will realize that reserving a lot of space for the island in a tiny kitchen is not a good idea at all where you will be left with really small square feet of usable space.

Choosing Furniture That Does Not Fit Your Kitchen.

Sometimes we see people jammed right next to each other, knocking elbows and not just that comfortable space to sit in. You also need to make sure that you include sufficient legroom when designing a bar area.  The minimum spatial requirement for the legroom underneath the countertop is 15 inches at least. This space allows you to kick your legs and dangle freely underneath the countertop without hitting the cabinets in front of you. You also have to make sure that you specify right height stools for that space as well. If it is a counter height, choose counter stools but if it is a bar height, opt for bar stools. Measure before you shop. While talking about bar stools and seating location, another common mistake is, there is not enough space to push your stool out behind you. Consider pushing in and out of stool and people can still walk back and forth behind you while designing counter or bar top 

Bottom Line:

Space planning is one of the most common mistake that is made in kitchen designs. Always start with space planning. It is very important to measure the layout in the floor plan where you have to work with your kitchen for your remodel. Make sure that you first take the measurements of available floor space and then you can plan where everything goes. You will figure out your optimum work triangle and then start to order appliances.

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