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What Is A Sunroom And How Can You Incorporate It In Your Home

Sunrooms are a trending addition in homes that help increase their value and bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors by creating a bright and relaxing space. They are distinct rooms from the rest of the house with floor to ceiling windows and are cheap to build and you can totally DIY your own sunroom if you have the space! You can enjoy a relaxing day with your family or by yourself in a sunroom with the luxury of being outdoors but without the heat and the mosquitos! Since they are considered a luxury addition to the home, they bring greater value to your home and add a hint of luxury to it. They can be used for many purposes like an additional guest room, an outdoor fireplace, a hangout spot, outdoor office etc which makes them a perfect investment!

Here are some ways you can use and decorate your sunroom without breaking bank:

Outdoor Dining Room:

Surrounded by nature both outdoors and inside the sunroom, you can use it as a dining room and be known as a creative entertainer! All that natural light from all the angles definitely makes it a relaxing space to eat and entertain guests and can become a second living room! 

Relaxing Nook:

If you have a small sunroom, you can decorate it with a bean bag, or comfy chairs, a rug and some plants and create a perfect comfy spot to hang out with friends. You can use bamboo furniture and vintage accessories easily available at garage sales and flea markets and work your DIY magic on it and create a quaint and adorable space. 

Temporary Outside Office:

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, you can shift your office to the sunroom to enjoy a nice view while working and shake off the indoor blues. You can also use it as a permanent office if you’re a year round remote worker. Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection, a proper seating space and you’re good to go! 

Outdoor Play Place:

Are your kids getting tired of being locked up inside all the time? You can create a mini playroom for the kids in the sun room. Keep an activity board, some board games, and their preferred play toys in the play place and give them a refreshing place to pass time. It can also be used for spending some family time together playing board games or just relaxing watching the kids play. 

Mini Library:

A small sunroom is a perfect reading nook because of all the natural light and relaxing vibe. You can keep a few books on a shelf and place a comfortable couch in the room to create the ultimate relaxing spot. It’s a refreshing alternative to a closet nook and can be used for more than just reading! 

Green House:

A greenhouse with some seating space, perhaps a breakfast table and a hammock is the dream space you never thought you needed! You can keep your favorite plants in the sunroom and create a low maintenance green room with a comfy spot to hang out in. Take our word for it, you’ll never want to leave the place!

You can keep changing the decor of your sunroom to match the season and create a unique experience in your home. They can be both heated and cooled to be used in every weather and the windows are designed to reduce the thermal transfer to reduce overheating in the summers and the window installment is something that you should probably leave to the professionals. Other than that, you can create a three season or four season sunroom depending on the available space and how much you’re willing to spend it. 

Here’s Why Your Home Design Matters

People have different ways of leading their lives but at the most basic level there are a few things that everybody agrees on and they are a must. On some level, everybody believes in having a good home design, something that is aesthetic to look at but also serves the purpose of functionality according to you.

But every once in a while there comes a person or you could be that person too who asks us the question of why home design is actually needed, I am comfortable in my mess and why do i need order. Here are a few reasons that they might convince you are the person right across from you to straighten up their home and design it right

1. Design Is Comfort

The simplest explanation is that when everything is in the order it’s homely. It’s easier to look for your t-shirt or your eyelash curler when they have a specific place in your home but if they’re stuffed under your pile of laundry or scattered around your table, it takes much more time to find them. If you feel like an adventure, let a bunch of 5-year-olds run your home for an hour and you will need no further explanation on why a design makes your home comfortable for you. After the 5-year-old has run to your home for an hour it will take you five hours to find where your actual bed used to be not only this but living in a well-organized home has mental benefits as well and you could use the extra time safe from looking for things to do something more productive. Not only is it physically easy but it has mental benefits too. You can also spend the extra time saved from looking for things into something more productive.

2. Colors Regulate Moods

Creating a visual harmony using your furniture color and designs is the best way to uplift your mood. You don’t have autonomy over your entire house, we will recommend decorating at least one room according to your choice. Decorating according to your favorite bright shades in contrast with some dull pastels can really uplift a person’s mood and positive thinking. If you don’t believe us yet, try decorating at least one room in your apartment or just your room if you live with your parents. We kid you not when we say you will feel the different physical spaces have on us. They have a lot of influence on our mental health as well as our moods and productivity. If not the whole room, start by adding at least two to three personal decor items to your current space and watch yourself transform every time you look at it.

3. Your Home Is A Reflection Of You

Unless you are a weird, homeless person, or Santa Claus, it is common to have guests over at your place every now and then. Not only a well-designed home uplift your comfort and mood but also makes your guests feel at home in new surroundings. A neatly done home can help you move forward in both personal and professional life. How would you feel if your boss or your date ran away after taking a look at your home, I reckon not nice, huh? Spiritually speaking, your home is a reflection of your inner state. If it’s messy, you really need to sit and think about why it is the way it is. Chances are it’s more than just “ I am comfortable this way”

4. Correct Design Caters To Your Needs

A properly designed home is exactly according to the priorities of the person/s living in it. E.g. a single person who works from home would need their home office and everything work-related in one place. A newly wedded couple would need a private space with lots of romantic and comfortable things around as opposed to a businessman’s family of 4. The house is always designed according to the requirements and needs of its residents, whether it’s small children or grown-up adults. 

By now it’s pretty clear why a home design is important and what comfort it brings in. It’s a great idea to consider in case you are moving into a new place or looking for more organization in your life in general. As the famous Jordan Peterson says, start with your room. Let us know what other design ideas arguments have you used to convince your messy friends for cleaning. 

6 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen remodelling is not an easy task and it requires hard work and patience. As it is going to be your first renovation experience, we would suggest you to do extensive research, and ask everyone about their experiences and what would they recommend, then plan your budget and choose designs according to it. Just know that the process will take long and things will not turn out exactly how you imagined but with proper planning and hiring the right professionals, you will get the desired look. Choose the appliances at the start and just make sure that you do not buy unnecessary stuff so that your kitchen will look neat and organised. 

Here are some of the things that you should know before your first kitchen renovation project: 

1. Check The Tiles Colour And Design  

This is important because once the work starts, there will not be any chance to change the tile designs. When you select a tile design, make sure that they deliver the same design at your home too. Sometimes what happens is, the whole tile pattern is different from what you selected. Always check the tiles so that all the tiles are in the same colour and pattern. 

 2. Make Decisions On Your Own And Based On Extensive Research

You will not have an idea about all the kitchen stuff and how it works because there are technicalities involved and chances are that you will make a bad decision for most of the technical stuff. What you can do is to do your research and read about which material is good and which is not. While discussing things with contractors, do not agree to “whatever works”. You will end up regretting it later on. You should discuss it with your neighbours, friends and experienced professionals.

 3. Hire Professionals 

There are a lot of things related to kitchen remodelling and it is impossible to do everything on your own. A professional will help you in different ways. He will be there to guide you. You just need to plan and he will make sure that everything goes according to your plan. But before hiring any professionals, do ask them questions related to their work and how much experienced they are. Do not trust every professional you meet. 

4. Install Pull Out Drawers

Many people do not add installing drawers in the initial plan and later on face difficulty in organising pots and pans. Ask the professionals to install drawers so that you can put all the extra things in them. Drawers make it so easy to find what you need and are cheap to install as well. You can choose the design that you like. Pull out Drawers are preferred over lower cabinets because you can put similar things in one drawer and can access them when you need them easily. 

5. Check Everything Again When It Arrives.

Sometimes when packages arrive at your doorsteps, they are not the ones that you bought. So it is better to make sure that professionals are using things that you like and are according to the plan. Make sure they are not installing the wrong item. So for this, you need to double check everything and keep a strict check up on everyday work because after installments, it will be very difficult to change things. 

 6. Choose Double Bowl Sink Over Single Bowl Sink 

Nowadays, professionals install double bowl sinks and it is actually better than a single bowl sink. You can wash dishes and one and place them in the other one so that they can dry. Similarly you can wash vegetables in the other. Double bowl sink has lots of advantages so make sure to buy the double bowl sink if you have space in your kitchen and if you do not have enough space then you can buy a single bowl sink. 

These are all the things that you need to know before renovating a kitchen. Do not stress yourself out and write all the important tips in your diary and plan everything to avoid any difficulty in future. 

4 Biggest Trends In Home Interior Designing That You Should Not Miss

Interior designers and architects charge thousands of dollars to give a chic look to your home interior and exterior. The trend changes after a couple of years and you are again relying on the professionals to do the job. To save your hard-earned money we have gathered some of the biggest and novelistic ideas of some of the top designers and architects that the new decade will embrace. So now renovating your house is not a burdensome task, to give it a refreshingly new look for the year ahead, check out these five biggest trends of interior designing that must not be missed to give your place a unique and extraordinary look.

1. Biophilic Design In Your Interior 

The ever-growing world and technology have obscure the delights and perks nature has in our lives. The incorporation of biophilic design in the home interior is significant to boost our interaction and connectivity with our primitive roots. It is the adoption of natural elements in our architecture and the interior by incorporating visual and non-visual connections with nature. It offers direct experiences with the water, natural light, plants, and other green elements in the vicinity of a home. You can inculcate biophilic elements in your home with an outdoor living space, large windows, sounds of water, and a greenhouse. The changes are budget-friendly but have enormous benefits for your mind and soul. 

2. Revival Of Classicism In Home Decor 

The classicist style in interior designing is making rounds all over. The exceptional quality material with elegant Grecian details is perfect to amalgam with the modern settings of your home. So if you want imperial dignity along with their rigor and simplicity at your home, color it with light pastel tones, furnish the flooring with clear geometric patterns, install elegant marble fireplaces in spacious rooms and ornament your walls with laurel leaves and symmetrical oaks. Classicism is the revival of antiquity and is an equally stylish, practical, and functional home decor option.

3. Environment-Friendly Fireplaces 

The fireplace is the focal point of a home, family gatherings in the winter around the fireplace are the most important ritual of the holiday season. The fireplace brings elegance and beauty to your place and when that comes in an environment-friendly fashion, what could be better than that?  Whether it’s the wood-burning stove or the modern bio-ethanol fireplace, both come in sleek designs, are easily installed,  and do not require any necessary ventilation. These fireplaces are designed in a way that they can stand alone at any point of your house and can be integrated with your interior and furniture for a coordinated look. 

4. Revival Of  Bold Colors 

The pale, subtle and timid wall colors are the bygones. Now the daring,  bold monochromatic are in a fashion which gives an individual and elegant look to your place that is matchless. And if that sounds too intimidating to or the people shifting from polychromatic mode, start with small, maybe a washroom will be an ideal place to brighten up. And if that goes well, go for a vibrant blue, Kelly green, Aubergine, inky black, or marigold. And if you are too scared again, choose the lightest tone of your favorite color, and then add more color to it to give a vibrant and dramatic look. 

The age of perfectionism is drawing to an end in every sphere of life. And the household designing is no different, rather looking for perfectionism in the pieces of furniture with are exactly matching or contrasting with carpeting, drapes, fireplace, chandelier or the staircase, people are willing in antique landscapes, earthy tones, in layering old and new and are happy in mixing and matching. And that’s what helps them tell their story without saying a word.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas That You Won’t Regret

Bedrooms are overrated when it comes to seeking comfort. You would not be found in your bedroom in the middle of the night to fulfill your chocolate cravings. When it comes to sneaking around or looking for food, we can only head towards the kitchen. All this praise and yet, you have been running out of remodeling ideas for your kitchen? That’s a problem 

If you think a kitchen does not require any attention, you have been reading the wrong stuff. It is the first place a buyer would look at. It is the only place in the house that needs more attention and detailing. Without wasting any time, let’s have a sneak peek in to some great ideas that could add more value to your comfort space! 

1. Revamp Those Cabinets 

No, we are not asking you to start from scratch. It is a BAD idea and surely an expensive one too. Even if your cabinets look ancient, there is nothing to worry about. Antiques are in fashion anyways. Choose a nice paint that resonates with the ambiance of your house. A different pain coat would change the entire outlook of your kitchen. Fix them as well, they should be hanging around the hinges. Despite a tight budget, you can easily afford basic tooling expertise. 

2. Hardwood Over Anything 

Kitchen flooring needs to be safe and upgraded. Flooring ideas need not to be fancy but rather effective. Henceforth, we recommend solid hardwood that is effective in handling high temperatures and humidity. Oak and Walnut hardwood is always a top priority if you do not wish to compromise on quality. Moreover, wood is timeless no matter what the trends are. Wood is always in fashion so we say hardwood over anything! 

3. Invest In Updated Appliances 

We are absolutely not recommending you to replace all appliances with new ones. Invest money in the latest appliances that you do not have as they are more efficient and look graceful in your kitchen. It is a long-term investment that you would not regret. Your kitchen’s efficiency and performance is dependent on luxe appliances such as a latest refrigerator instead of your grandma’s would add a sleek look to your entire décor. 

4. Don’t Hold Back With Your Creativity 

The arena is yours! The ball is in your court so make decisions with free will and definitely wisely. Of course, the condition is that those decisions should not be bizarre but rather logical. Apply your creativity when choosing lighting for your kitchen. Instead of simple bulbs, go for ambient or task lighting. LED ceiling lights are highly recommended due to their eco-friendly nature. Save bills and compliments from visitors! Installing dimmers can be a great idea if you arrange frequent dinners for friends and family. Anything that you watched on Pintrest can actually be done in your house so get on with it!

5. Quartz Over Granite 

Granite material has always required more maintenance and its cost price often exceeded the customer’s budget. Therefore, quartz continues to rule the kitchen space due to its qualities. Its antimicrobial qualities make it a favorite. Over the passage of time, manufacturers have provided a variety of colors and textures in Quartz that you can choose from. The unique pattern, neutral colors never fail to add a glistening touch to kitchen spaces. 

Kitchen remodeling can be quite a headache. Too many ideas are good but don’t have too many ideas either that you end up getting confused. Save some energy and always look back to your decision before giving in the final word. Make a list of dos and don’ts. Limited opinions would save you from getting nightmares so trust yours and remodel your kitchen without any apprehensions. 

9 Ways To Waterproof Your Kitchen

Weird things happen in the kitchen. Just a single spot of wet surface in the kitchen can make you lose your favourite dish and suffer a lifetime consequential accident through tripping. A slow leak ruins the inner foundation of any house. They are also the reasons for your skyrocketing utility bills. Through waterproofing every part of your kitchen, you will not only be able to control water leakages but also create a room for easier cleaning. Waterproofed kitchens are also under control of moisture and mildew.

Here are some simple tasks you can do to keep your beautiful kitchen waterproofed.

1. Waterproofing The Counter-tops

Cracked countertops allow for seeping of water inside thereby causing accumulation of water under them. Such waters when dirty can lead to unwanted scent in the kitchen. First, sand the outdated tops to create ideal surfaces that can easily hold premier paint. After that, apply a good coat of paint to cover up the cracks in the wood and linoleum. You will then apply polyurethane for prevention of leaks and spill.

2. Often Check And Replace Your Pipes

There exist many pipes under the sink that are normally not checked. It usually comes to the attention of many people that a pipe has broken upon an explosion. Meaning, if you rarely check on your kitchen pipes, they can leak slowly for as long as a month without you knowing.

Even if you are residing in a rental house, there is dire need to often check on these pipes and replace any that is broken.

3. Waterproof Under The Sink Cabinets

Devoid of how well the cabinets are maintained, water always ends up inside them. Such water if not wiped out can cause rotting of the wood or growth of mould on them. The only way to protect your cabinets from accumulating water is through waterproofing using polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane is the most preferred. 

4. Waterproofing The Floors

Just like countertops, if not refinished with polyurethane, water will always seep deep into the cracks of your wooden floor hence ruining the overall kitchen outlook. You may need to change the older woods and replace them with waterproof ones or apply vinyl products where wetness is a problem.

5. Caulk Everything

Sometimes, almost every part of the kitchen can be rendered vulnerable to cracks due to several factors. This may also include the bathrooms and even on the roof. Caulking everything is the only sure way of ensuring these surfaces are always waterproof. Liquid polyurethane is always useful when it comes to caulking everything including the walls and other vertical surfaces in the kitchen.

6. Waterproofing Under The Kitchen Sink

You can waterproof under the kitchen sink with a stick on tile and caulk. However, you will realise that this sometimes is a bit too tedious to do. There are a number of sink mats which prevent mildew and growth of mould that can ruin the outlook of your sink.

7. Check On The Backsplash

Closely check on the space where the wall and the countertops meet. If you notice that there is a crack, more so in the sink backsplash, you will need to apply another bead of sealant.

If this process is not undertaken, water will always get into the cracks and to the countertops. The water can also seep into the wall.

8. Adopt Composite Worktops

Commonly known as quartz worktops, composite worktops are made from 90% quartz mixed with small percentages of binders. These worktops are virtually non-porous and waterproof. Apart from that, the tops are easy to clean and offer the touchy looks ideal for any meal preparation. They can be used almost everywhere, including around the sink and beside hobs.

9. Use Water-resistant Plywood

The last option in keeping your kitchen waterproof is through replacing the old wooden parts of the working tops and cabinet with good quality boiling water resistant plywood. Apart from being moisture resistant, the plywood is also resistant to frequent water splashes, a common occurrence in the kitchen.

A waterproofed kitchen is all you need to take your kitchen life to another level. With a waterproofed kitchen, you are always guaranteed of fine touch, no moisture, no pest and ideal for meal preparation.

3 Common Spatial Mistakes Done While Designing A Kitchen

Kitchens are the favorite spaces to design because it is the room in your home that gets the most use. It is the heart of the home and for a good reason it is a place to get together and socialize, a place where you come to cook your heart out for your friends and family. Designing your dream kitchen can be one of the most rewarding tasks that you undertake in a home remodel project but since the kitchen is filled with so many design decisions, we know that this task can be really daunting to those who are unprepared. In order to save time, money, energy and to get the most out of your dream kitchen try to avoid making these space-planning mistakes. Here is a comprehensive detail that covers everything that needs to be considered when designing kitchens.

Space Planning and Clearance Issues

One of the most common design mistakes made in the kitchen is clearance issues that have to deal with doorways and walkways. Doors have to be wide and swinging doors should not interfere with appliances, cabinets, other doors or walkways. Hang doors so they swing out rather than in, especially in small spaces for correct clearance. Consider a work triangle to improve the functionality of the kitchen.

Lack Of Countertop Space

The next design mistake that we can see common is lack of countertop space. Experts recommend at least 150 inches of usable countertop space and the lower cabinets that are at least 24 inches deep. The countertop space also includes islands. For kitchen layout with island appliances, make sure you at least have nine inches on both sides of the burner. Massive islands definitely increase your preparation area but they take a lot of room. In case if you insist on an island and you have a tiny kitchen where you do not have much space, do not make the mistake of trying to squeeze in an island in the middle of your kitchen. Make sure you have at least 36 inches around the island for passage. You will realize that reserving a lot of space for the island in a tiny kitchen is not a good idea at all where you will be left with really small square feet of usable space.

Choosing Furniture That Does Not Fit Your Kitchen.

Sometimes we see people jammed right next to each other, knocking elbows and not just that comfortable space to sit in. You also need to make sure that you include sufficient legroom when designing a bar area.  The minimum spatial requirement for the legroom underneath the countertop is 15 inches at least. This space allows you to kick your legs and dangle freely underneath the countertop without hitting the cabinets in front of you. You also have to make sure that you specify right height stools for that space as well. If it is a counter height, choose counter stools but if it is a bar height, opt for bar stools. Measure before you shop. While talking about bar stools and seating location, another common mistake is, there is not enough space to push your stool out behind you. Consider pushing in and out of stool and people can still walk back and forth behind you while designing counter or bar top 

Bottom Line:

Space planning is one of the most common mistake that is made in kitchen designs. Always start with space planning. It is very important to measure the layout in the floor plan where you have to work with your kitchen for your remodel. Make sure that you first take the measurements of available floor space and then you can plan where everything goes. You will figure out your optimum work triangle and then start to order appliances.

6 Common Home-Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Most people tend to jump into home-renovation, considering it’ll be exciting to do as they will explore their imagination and then see it happen in front of their eyes in a snap of a finger but the truth is, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Along the way, people end up making a lot of mistakes that cost them money and time and they realize this once it’s all gone to the bin. 

Here are some common slipups people make while renovating their houses which you need to avoid in every case necessary.

Unrealistic Budget

The problem which leads most of the renovations down the drain is setting an impractical budget. It is recommended to add an extra 20% to your budget and set up a contingency fund for the unexpected dilemmas you are really likely to face during the project. By setting up an unrealistic budget, you will realize half-way through the plan that you’re going overboard with the budget threshold. Then you’ll have to compromise with cheap products which will hamper everything you wished to execute. So, it is better if you ask your contractor to break-down all the expenditures that will go into the renovation, helping you plan according to that.

Hiring A Below-par Contractor 

The contractor is the person that is going to exact the look of your home, the way you wanted it to be, so be really sure about hiring the right person. Be cautious of the one who’s cheap and available straight away. Don’t hire a discounted professional about whom you have a gut-feeling is going to mess everything up.  Look for references and ask for their previous work. Don’t shy away from asking questions because it’s your job to make them understand your vision and it’s their job to understand your vision in executing a well-renovated house.

Rushing Into The Process

It’s tough to hit the brakes when you embark on such a journey but better safe than sorry. The thing that matters, in this case, is the end-product so if you want your future-self to have no regrets, take your time. Take precise measurements, assess your property, do market research, and even have some contractors take a look at the property and assess their considerations. Try to understand every ins and outs of your home and be patient.

Buying Your Own Materials

Firstly, avoid buying your own materials. Let your contractor do that for you as he’s more likely to get better prices and he knows what he is buying. But if you want to go out there and buy your material yourself. Be really thorough and examine stuff which is going to be really tough for you as you don’t have experience with most of the materials because you’ve never worked with them before. So, you’ll end up buying poor-quality stuff which will cost your project a lot in the latter days. So, just let your contractor do the buying and examine the receipts while paying them.

Small Door-ways

While renovating their houses, people focus their attention on their bathroom, kitchen, and lounge. They tend to desert their door-ways which gives off the first impression when a person visits your place. Be exact while measuring door-ways and hall-ways so they aren’t congested and are wide enough to pass furniture and appliances.

Ranking Design Over Function

Well, designing is really fun, you get to experiment with every portion of your house but it shouldn’t always be your priority because alongside aesthetics, you need functionality in your house too. When the enthusiasm of the renovation fades-away, you will want your house to have the exact same amount of efficiency as its attractive design. Think about how you will actually live in the house with the available space. Be really vigilant about the wiring or plumbing which could be a cause of safety concern later-on when the renovation is over. So, have professionals look that over, so you’re safe to proceed.

The Best Indoor Plants; A Quick Guide

What’s not to love about indoor plants? From the freshness they bring to your eyes and the colors they add to your room Indoor plants are the best addition in any space! But what actually sucks about having indoor plants is that they just keep dying. I think I killed a good number of plants before I finally got the hang of it. Indoor plants are really delicate and would only perpetuate in a very specified environment. So, it’s very important that before you bring one of these little guys home you do your research. 

We’ll tell you our top picks for beginners, these plants are easy to care for and would still add the breath of fresh air to your room that’s missing! 

  1. Snake Plant 

As a beginner this is the best choice! It’s almost impossible to kill the snake plant, even if you leave it for a month it’ll survive. All you need to do is find a good light-spot but not in direct sunlight since the leaves tend to lose their color and pigment in direct sunlight. Other than that water it once a week, make sure to check that the soil is dry or else you don’t have to. This low maintenance plant with its tall, stiff and fleshy leaves with a mild grey-yellow variation is good for any room in your house. Fun fact; in south African and Asian regions people also refer to the plant as “Mother-in-Laws” Tongue due its pointed tips of the leaves symbolizing the former’s sharp tongue. 

  • Aloe Vera 

The rescuer plant, Aloe Vera, always ready for our first aid is a lovely addition to a new plant lover’s home. It’s literally evergreen, if there was one plant that always survived my careless behavior was this one! There are many varieties of Aloe, for indoors we’d suggest choosing smaller ones as they’ll fit in anywhere. Give Aloe Vera a spot where the sunlight is not too harsh, keep the soil a little damp and try to water as less as possible in winters, and you’re done! I really love how neat and orderly this plant looks so putting it in your drawing or a formal seating area on the table will always look very nice.

  • Monstera Deliciosa

One of the most popular indoor plants and for all the right reasons! Beautiful leaves with distinctive holes that look like someone curated the leaves with hands and their easy care routine have made them a popular plant among enthusiasts. They do prefer a warm climate but still away from direct sunlight and water only once a week. Occasionally cleaning their leaves with a soft damp cloth will maintain their beautiful leaves. They also like to climb so providing them with some kind of stake would be a good option. Oh, and the best part about this plant is that you can cut off the top, as long as it has air roots attached and replant it! This means that with one monstera you can populate your whole house! 

  • Succulents 

These are the perfect bedside plants. They’re so cute and small it’s hard not to want them if you see them at the nursery. Some popular succulents like Living Stones or Lithops only grow a few centimeters above the soil occupying no space. So you could put them anywhere you want but make sure that it’s getting enough sunlight and water. This plant is a little difficult to handle but a good amount of sunlight without letting the plant get sunburned will ensure its longevity. Succulents really aren’t big fans of water so make sure that the plant is completely dry before you water it. 

  • Cactus 

Their spiked, tall and rugged texture is a very distinct feature and one that makes them very collectable. A lot of different varieties of cactus are available in the market but our personal favorite is the Bunny eared Opuntia which produces prickly pads. Even the moon cactus is such a cute edition to your house, with its colorful round tops it’ll look very good in kitchens and bathrooms of neutral shades. When it comes to their maintenance they aren’t very troublesome. Due to their desert origins they don’t need a lot of water and obviously stay the happiest in sunny spots. 

If you’ve just started taking interest in indoor plants these are the best options for you! Out of all the delicate indoor plants they may be able to sustain the most maltreatment but with a little care and attention these plants can add the perfect modern touch with colors to your home!

Mistakes To Avoid During Home Renovation

In most homeowners life there comes a time when you feel the need to add your personality to your house. This purpose leads you renovating or upgrading your home. Whether you want to add space, upgrade material or add more functionality. Knowing what to do is as important as knowing what not to do. 

Below are some things to keep in mind while renovating, whether you have hired a contractor or not:

1.Unrealistic budgets

While we all cover our grounds in terms of the material, labor and miscellaneous remodeling funds but never assume it wont go over budget. Always have an over budget funds period. Many unforeseen circumstances or rather plumbing and wiring surprises will come up while opening up those walls. Older homes can also unveil molds, rotting wood and leaking pipes etc. Keeping these in mind creates a budget lower than what you think you will need.

2.The power of pictures

If you choose a contractor rather than taking on the project yourself, communication and conveying your intention is key. Pictures of those beautiful cabinets and kitchens you collect from pinterest or some magazines helps tremendously. Most people ignore this fact and we all know how that ends. Don’t delay the pictures and rely on your contractors’ interpretation to get the results you want.

3.Don’t start until everything is on sight

Before you start taking down those bathroom or kitchen walls, make sure that all the materials and appliances you need are on sight. Oftentimes our anxiousness to start puts us in jeopardy. Reason being the delivery dates could get confused or delayed leading to your kitchen or bathroom being inoperable for days.

4.Installing the items last

Installing appliances last causes the age old problem of design not accommodating the huge or the very tiny appliance you have ordered. Always install the appliances first to help you understand how the overall design accommodates them or if at all. One more recommendation would be to wait on buying the appliances till you are ready to get them installed.

5.Don’t ignore what the house wants

Some people can pull off wearing a high top sneaker with a tuxedo but it can horribly go wrong for others . Houses are like this as well. Can a modern kitchen work in a Victorian style home?. Absolutely, but make sure the house can pull it off. Not to say that the house hasn’t evolved in all those years. We recommend living in it for a few months and getting to know the style before pulling out a sledge hammer. 

6.No friends and Family

While friends and family’s help can come in handy while moving belongings, cleaning furniture and other household chores but when it comes to renovation bad idea alert. Some home owners in the hopes of saving money ask friends and family to help them. This can lead to not only very disastrous and expensive mistakes but is also a health hazard to you and your house literally. Only let experienced acquaintances help you with the renovation.

7.You cant handle every remodeling project

Do your homework !! While you might think oh this is just a light fixture change, take out the current one and add the new one. One little mistake of turning off the electricity and other necessary things and boom goes the dynamite. Now you have an entire electrical disaster on your hands. Determine what kind of expertise and experience is required for your project before you start, whether you hire a contractor or DIY

Last but not the least, always be open to change. Renovation projects cant work on hard and fast rules. While you may have one thing in your mind but the functionality and the design could suggest a completely different thing. Let us know about some of your experiences of home renovation disasters in the comments below.

Turning Your Garage Into A Home Office

If you had worked from home, and felt like your home isn’t exactly large enough to keep your workspace separate from your living space? However, at the same, a thought might have popped up about its expansion but it seems to be excessively expensive. Well, if you want to expand the functionality of your home without tearing down the entire house or spending loads of money, then optimize your space and imagination by turning your empty garage into a home office. 

Why Garage?

Transforming it would be cost-effective and liberate you from all the hassle and hassle of dealing with home renovation problems. The garage is the place that most of the time left ignored. The experts at Hempstead Epoxy Floors completely transform garages floors from old and deteriorating to brand new and shiny. Shake your head, start brainstorming, and convert your garage into a home office in your humble abode. Don’t try to rush and think whether you need an office just for yourself, or will you be inviting your valuable customers there. Once you are done contemplating, you are all set to transform your garage.  

Preparing For The Remodel

To build your dream office, you first need to clear everything you’re currently in the garage. Find some new location and space to relocate your items like motorbikes, motorcycles, gardening equipment, and accessories. Throw the things which are no longer in your use, and store those which might be useful in the future. Start to disinfect the garage thoroughly before you do anything else. Also, make sure there’s no leftover cobwebs or automotive grease stains. Moreover, ensure the new home office has a sound ventilation system so that space becomes more open and relaxing.

Lightning In The Home Office

Lucky are those who get a window in their garage, which allows the natural light to enter. But most of the garages don’t have windows since lighting positively affects the creativity and mood, you can’t compromise on it.  For that purpose, you need to spend some money on lamps and overhead lighting to make your office a vibrant and efficient office. Even if your garage is windowless, you can also get natural light by just getting a glass garage door. These elegant and trendy doors are an excellent option. 

Temperature Setting Of The Home Office

Because the garages are not intended to be an all year living space, so you need to ensure that your room temperature is right and balanced for both winters and summers. To overcome the temperature issue, install a portable heater to be used in winter and an air conditioner for summer. If you are in tech, make sure you place your computers at the right place, and properly wired to prevent any short circuit.

Add Colours

Since most garages have a concrete base, either use some rugs to cover the floor or invest some dollars on hardwood or laminate floors to give your garage a fast, simple face-lift and more inviting look. Depends on your budget, type of business, and how long you intend to use it.Grab a paintbrush and start painting the dull and stained looking walls with a light color for a modern, fresh, and more spacious look. 

Accessorize The Office

One critical step in turning your garage from a practical storage area into an elegant and cozy room that will keep you motivated and excited is installing the right decor. Take some time to select a suitable desk and chair and a few other main furniture pieces, such as a small sofa, bookshelf, file cabinet, or armchair. Also, make sure to upgrade your garage office with stuff like hanging artwork and paintings on the walls, getting in some tasteful decorations, and putting up some pictures of your family and friends.

Designating a space as your home office improves your productivity and creativity and adds more value to your home. Think of what suits your needs and how to build a room that would fit well for work conditions. With some planning, strategy, and imagination, you can turn an unused garage into a new looking home office.     

What Are The Costs Involved In Kitchen Remodelling?

There are various reasons people choose to renovate the kitchen. It can either be to increase the value and style of the house, add a change, improve its practicality and deterioration. Whatever the reason, the task of remodeling a kitchen requires proper budgeting and planning. But to make this task easier for you, here is an estimated budget breakdown for the renovation of a kitchen.

Cost Of Labour

It accounts for a significant portion of your budget if you are hiring a team of professionals to carry out the entire project. As the team will require designers, plumbers, electricians, and construction workers. Almost 25% of your entire budget will be spent on this component of the renovation budget. This also includes the cost for construction material, which depends on your remodeling needs.


Next up is the cabinets, which will take up almost 25% of your budget as well. According to experts, the average cost of installing cabinets ranges from $6000 to $11000. Their prices vary based on customization, type of wood, size, and quantity of cabinets, etc. You cannot choose to cut short the budget for this part as they are the most significant element of your kitchen. Since they will be responsible for storage, decluttering, and beautification of the kitchen.


Appliances will require around 10% of your remodeling budget as they are the essentials of a kitchen. These will include;

  • Stovetop
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher

You can save up on these if you buy during a holiday sale or any other discount deals.


Their cost depends on the shape, size, and material used for making them. They will account for almost 10% of the total budget. However, if you decide to keep the old one and install a granite overlay, you will end up saving a lot of money. But make sure the final products align perfectly with the demands of your lifestyle and kitchen.


Proper airflow and exchange are essential for a comfortable and practical kitchen. No one likes to work in a kitchen that heats up as soon as you turn up the stove. You can avoid this by installing a hood, exhaust fan, and windows. This part of the renovation will take up almost 5% of the budget.


Hiring a plumber for installing faucets and dishwashers cost more than the hardware itself. Moreover, you cannot dial down the cost of this part otherwise improper plumbing can cause leakage which results in the growth of molds and bacterias. Almost 5% of the entire budget will be needed for this task.

Electricity Supply

Improper lighting can compromise the quality of cooking and work done in the kitchen. Therefore, invest in good quality and bright overhead lights as well as led lights for under the cabinets. Furthermore, the smart placement of power outlets throughout the kitchen must be a part of the electricity plan. You will only have to set aside 5% of the total budget.


The cost of flooring is usually estimated to be 5% of the whole budget but you can easily avoid this by using old tiles under the cabinets and appliances. On the other hand, you can buy cheaper tiles for the covered area and expensive high-quality tiles for the exposed area. The cost of flooring can change based on the dimensions of the kitchen and the type of tiles used.


The cost of painting is often estimated to be around 10% along with other final touches. Although you can easily save money on this part by painting yourself. Instead, you can use that amount for buying a high-quality, stain-resistant, and waterproof paint.

All these price estimates can vary depending on the size, design, and current condition of a property. For example, if a kitchen already has sufficient lighting and ventilation, then it can save you a lot of money. Avoid cutting down the budget at any cost, as this remodeling will pay you back in the form of increased resale value. Don’t forget to set aside some money for any surprise!

How to make a house for your wife

When buying a house, two spouses must think about the header of the property and the consequences of this choice. It is always necessary to carefully weigh every aspect and decide whether to register the house for both or only for a spouse. However, the choice is not irreversible, since even if the house is registered to only one, you can still make a donation (of half or all the property) to the other spouse, or to the children for example.

How to make a home for your wife or children? To make a well-considered decision, therefore, it is good to know the legislation first, and then draw conclusions in the common interest of the family. Let’s see how, in the Italian legal system, the succession of goods works.

Given that:

a) If the house belonged to the husband before the wedding, he can dispose of it (sell or give it) but his wife and children can try to prevent it.

b) If husband and wife are in separation of property and the house was purchased after the marriage, it is as in point a.

c) If husband and wife are in a legal partnership, the house already belongs to the wife for 50%, even if it is registered only to the husband. Even in the event of the sale or donation of the property in life, the consent of the wife is required.

In the absence of a will, in the event of the death of the father, the house and property are divided in this way:

1. If there are children and spouse: if there is only one spouse and one son, half goes to the son and half goes to the spouse. If there are multiple children, two thirds go to them (they will divide equally) and one third to the spouse.

2. If there are only children: they are entitled to 100% of the inheritance, to be divided among them in equal parts.

3. If there is only the spouse: he has the right to all the inheritance.

For hereditary purposes, it is indifferent that there was a communion or separation of property, the above rules apply.

How to check if a mortgage is burdened on a property

Finding out that our house is mortgaged and no one had warned us of this, it is possible … in Italy! The well-known collection company Equitalia, can in fact mortgage a property even without the notification of the payment notice (concept reiterated on March 21, 2013 by the Court of Cassation). Therefore, the taxpayer, unable to claim to be notified by Equitalia, how can he protect his right to information? Fortunately, it is always possible to check whether there is a mortgage on your home: it is therefore the citizen himself who must take action to check, from time to time, if a mortgage has been registered on his home.

Check that mortgages are not burdened on a house, it is a measure to keep also in case you decide to buy a house, in order not to have bad surprises in the future.

To check whether a property is mortgaged, it must request a certificate called specifically “hypocatastal business profile” (or mortgage). This is a research activity that allows you to check whether the taxpayer is the owner of real estate on which mortgages of various types are registered:

  • voluntary (and in this case not even a title search would be needed since the taxpayer already knows that he has registered a property with a mortgage);
  • legal (such as those of Equitalia);
  • judicial mortgages, that is those decreed by a judge and registered due to sentences, injunctive orders;
  • for citations in a civil case (for example to contest ownership of a house).

The title search should be requested from the Real Estate Registry at the offices of the Land Agency (also called “real estate advertising”), of the place where the property is located. For newly built properties, the search can also be requested in a place other than the Municipality of competence, since the archives are computerized. The search can be requested personally, by going to the office counter, or by delegating the assignment to a real estate agency, providing in both cases the details of the property (parcel, sheet, etc.), indicated in the deed of ownership. On the internet it is also possible to find various sites that allow you to obtain a hypocatastale survey online, for a fee (usually the cost does not exceed 30 euros).

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